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For quality machinery, excellent services and realistic pricing.

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Impulse Hire is a small equipment company located in Angle Vale (40km North of Adelaide CBD) who pride themselves on providing #1 service and support no matter how big or small your project is. From short term hire to long term rental, we can accommodate all you dry hire needs at competitive prices.

We offer a wide range of quality equipment and machinery, from jackhammers, wackers and chainsaws, to larger machinery- including dingos, skidsteers and excavators for those larger projects.

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We are a South Australian owned business whose focus is to provide quality tools and equipment for hire to the Trade and Home Handyman at affordable prices.

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We have sourced only the leading brands to ensure you complete your job faster and with no downtime.

We offer an easy hiring process so you can finish the job faster and not be frustrated by an over complicated process.

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Customer Health and Safety is also a priority. Where applicable, everything we hire meets the Australian Worksafe Standards so you can be sure you are hiring not only the best equipment available, but also the safest.